I’ve reached 50 sales in my Etsy shop! Yay!

This is why I didn’t expect to do so well at Manchester Comic Con - it took me this long just to reach 50 and I needed to make at least 30 sales in one day just to make back the cost of the table because I shared it.

6:14 pm  •  4 September 2013

5 more views of my shop or listings until I reach quite a large number for the last 30 days! It’s definitely the most I’ve ever had :)
I do TV and film related jewellery!

11:58 pm  •  13 August 2013

I want to cry because I changed my theme and didn’t save it, it all went wrong, I finally found a new theme that I liked and the redirect links won’t work!

3:58 pm  •  21 July 2013

Argh! I changed my theme and now the customise button is gone so I can’t edit anything! Can someone please help?

2:50 pm  •  21 July 2013  •  2 notes
aiprogramdelta: Hello I got 2 mockingjay tattoos from your table yesterday and let me just say that they are ADORABLE!!! Thankyou for selling such amazing things! (I would have gotten rivers diary but I had no money left :( )

Hi! Thank you. I can’t really take any credit because I didn’t make them but I love them too! If you post a photo of them I can reblog it? This is a new thing I’m trying out since I just found a photo of some of my other stuff and it makes me really happy to see it :)

If you want a River Song diary make sure to check out my friend’s website!

2:17 pm  •  21 July 2013

I’m really happy that the TARDIS sold so well, along with the triskelions and crowns. And I’m all sold out of wolves and squids but I had a lot less of them both to start with.

I thought the Spider-man bracelets would sell a lot better but only a few went. I don’t think people quite realised? Plus 6 of the HP pendants sold but only 1 ring :/

2:09 pm  •  21 July 2013